Important Notice

Recently we have received reports that there is a batch of Syneregen with an expiry date of 02/2021 on the market.

Please note that this batch of Syneregen is fraud and is NOT released from Fountain Biotech. The production of Syneregen is discontinued and the expiry date of last legal batch of Syneregen is 05/2020.

The fraud Syneregen are not approved by TGA and may not be produced by a GMP manufacturer. As a customer, please do not purchase this batch of Syneregen as they are potentially harmful to your body. As a trader, please do not trade this batch of Syneregen as trading fraud products is illegal. Fountain Biotech is working hard with TGA and police to investigate the origin of these products. If you have accidently purchased a bottle of Syneregen with an expiry date AFTER 05/2020, we encourage you to report to NSW police (, and also report to

We will do our best to protect your interest and health. Please buy a product from an authorized seller. Thank you!