Frequently asked questions

What is the best way of taking Syneregen?

Take two tablets after meals in the first week, and 1 tablet after breakfast from second week. Take 1 more before drinking alcohol or extra energy is required.

Why am I flushing? Will it have impact on my skin?

It is not an allergic reaction. Such sensation is caused by temporary vasodilation or widening of blood vessels in the skin and especially visible if taking on an empty stomach. The improved blood circulation will lead to positive effects on the skin.

After taken Syneregen, why I slept less but still very energised when I woke up?

NAD+ is the key co-enzyme in converting food to energy. The more NAD+ you have, the more energy you can obtain from food. Additionally, Syneregen is able to regulate serotonin levels which plays a key role in circadian rhythm, which leads to improved quality of sleep.

I work in a quick pace environment, will it help with Brain to work faster, clearer and sharper?

NAD+ is the key co-enzyme in activating the Sirtunins, which are a group of enzymes that can enhance the production of NO. NO can dilate blood vessels in the brain to increase the blood supply in the brain and therefore enhance the brain efficiency and efficacy.

I can consume more alcohol, is it because of Syneregen?

Yes. Alcohol is metabolised by two enzymes in the liver namely alcohol dehydrogenase and aldehyde dehydrogenase. Each of these two enzymes need to consume one NAD+ in order to metabolise an alcohol molecule. In the other words, each alcohol molecule we consumed will take away two NAD+ molecules from our body. Syneregen provides extra NAD+ molecules to enhance the alcohol metabolism process.